Thursday, December 31, 2015

December 2015

Hunter loves to sing. We are always amazed at what he remembers and sings. It's just so cute, especially when he uses the wrong words. 

The beginning of December, Greg and I got to go to New York for a weekend. It was a pretty quick trip, but we had a great time. Thankfully, it was not super cold. 

At Rockefeller Square

Radio City - Saw the Rockettes

While we were gone, Noah got to go ice skating with some friends from school. He enjoyed it but said it was hard work.

Ms. Dana was in charge on Sunday until I returned home. She fixed Pip's hair so cute! And as you can see Piper was very proud of it.

John got to spend a little time out on the farm with Daddy!

John with his buddy, Nicolas, building a block city.

We went to the second annual Santa visit on our street. It is such a fun time. All the kids come in their jammies and Santa brings each one a special little gift. 

All the kids...

Greeting Santa at the door.

Patiently waiting their turn.

Fun during church rec time.

And when it was her brother's turn, she chased Daddy around because she wanted another turn.

Watching the boys Christmas program.

First semester, Noah's CCL class project was to program a robot. They chose a problem and then had to come up with a solution. Then they programed the robot to help with the problem. Noah's class chose litter in parks. Their robot picks up trash and takes it to a receptacle.

Second semester, he switches teachers. Noah with Mrs. Steketee.

Patiently waiting for hours for the car maintenance/repair. They did so great. 

Each year Santa drives through the neighborhood on the fire engine. We've caught him a few times and missed him a few times. Only two were interested in Santa.

We got to go to Tillis Park to see the lights with a "small" group of friends.

Piper always joins right in at Hunter's class parties. And she is very well behaved too!

John's teacher handing out the sweetest Christmas gifts. In her class, each day, she has two cheerful servants. They are the primary helpers and they get to wear fun little aprons. She made all 20 students their own cheerful servant apron and wrote them a sweet little note saying they could always be a cheerful servant at home. 

I asked Noah and his friend to smile...this is what I got. 

22 Months

Poppy and MiMi with all the grand babies in matching jammies...almost all matching anyway...

Piper got twin babies for Christmas. She loved them!

These two really are such great buddies. 

Christmas morning! They almost couldn't contain themselves!

Checking out Pip's presents.

With her new kitchen. (They have all loved playing with it.)

Piper loves all of her big brothers and they are so sweet to her (most of the time).

Cooking up something special.

Building a Magnetile castle.

Target practise from the living room. (Not really, but it sure looks like it.)

Of the 20 grand kids, these are the only 2 that look like Schusters. 

A "small" family picture.

The Little Drummer Boy before presents at Grandma's house.

Poor little guy got sick over Christmas. But he is still so cute!

Between Christmas and New Year's, there was quite a flood in our area. Our house has the yellow dot at the top. Thankfully we had no water or damage of any kind. We just couldn't get in or out for 3 days.

All ready to have his teeth cleaned!

I think I had someone on my lap the last time I got my teeth cleaned too.

Noah got to visit Zeb after he got his teeth cleaned.

Since we were flooded out on New Year's Eve, and 2 boys have been to Urgent Care for ear infections, we just had a fun night at MiMi's. Snacks, games, and movies!

The little lefty taking her turn at Pictionary.

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